With the high cost and inherent risk of litigation, Gray Burmeister Inc first evaluates whether litigation can be avoided through negotiations and amicable solutions. However, where litigation cannot be avoided or is urgent to protect the client’s rights, Gray Burmeister Inc moves swiftly and efficiently.

The quantum and nature of the claim or the agreement wil determine whether the Magistrate or High Court is approached for relief.

Catherine has also completed the advanced course in Arbitration and is an admitted Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators of South Africa has been appointed to the Sectional Title ADR Panel.

We assist client with:

  • All aspects of commercial litigation
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Urgent applications
  • Legal opinions
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration)
  • Intellectual property related litigation
  • Property disputes and litigation
  • Contract litigation
  • General litigation
  • All aspects of defended litigation arising from debt recovery
  • Actions and applications for evictions;
  • Interdicts of various kinds;
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes;
  • Disputes of shareholding or membership of business entities;
  • Sale and purchase disputes;
  • Enforcement of monetary claims and specific performance;